Need to Cancel Your Swim Lesson? 

Our cancellation and missed-lesson policies are as follows:

For private and semiprivate lessons: We allow swimmers to miss up to 1 lesson per month without risk of forfeiting his or her spot on our calendar. We require written notice of cancellations, at least 24 hours in advance of your lesson time to avoid losing a lesson credit. Cancellations must be sent to our office staff and not directly to your instructor; cancellations sent to instructors will not honored and you may lose a lesson credit. Please alert our office via text message at 267-702-6043 or email at to avoid losing a lesson credit. No-shows or those who cancel with less than 24 hours notice will be charged for the lesson in full.

For semiprivate lessons only: In the event that one swimmer in a semiprivate lesson cancels (with at least 24 hours notice), the participating swimmer will be given the option to rebook the lesson as a private lesson at the private rate ($40 for lessons at Fitness Alive’s facility, or $50 for on-site lessons at your pool), or skip the lesson. If the swimmer who cancels does so with less than 24 hours notice or no-shows, he or she will be charged for the semiprivate lesson and the participating child will be charged at the semiprivate rate ($30 for lessons at Fitness Alive’s facility or $40 for on-site lessons at your pool).

For group classes:  We do not offer any make-up lessons or refunds in the event that you can't make it to class a certain week, so please check your schedule and plan accordingly. If you must miss a class, please be courteous and call, text or email us as soon as you can so our instructors can have an accurate headcount.

Suspending swim lessons: If you wish to discontinue regular lessons with us, we require minimum one week written notice to allow us time to fill your spot. You must email with your request. Please note we do not refund unused lesson credits.

Do you offer make-up lessons or classes? 
We cannot offer make-ups for missed classes. For missed private and semiprivate lessons, we can sometimes provide a makeup session if a sub instructor is available to do so. Please arrange these with us at