It's easy! Just follow our two-step registration process below.

First, just a couple of things to know up front:


» Alerts: Opening alerts will come via email, so be sure to check your email frequently. Openings will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. 
» Pricing: Lesson slots are for private lessons for children and adults ($40 per half hour) and semiprivates with siblings only ($30 per child per half hour - $60 lesson total). We cannot accommodate semiprivates with friends, and we do not place last-minute swimmers in semiprivate lessons with other clients.
» Cancellation policy: If you need to cancel your swim lesson and provide us with at least 24 hours written notice, we will cancel your lesson at no charge; cancellations should be emailed to or texted to 267-702-6043. If you no-show to a lesson or cancel with less than 24 hours notice (we call this late canceling), you will be charged the full lesson price. This ensures that our instructors are duly paid for their time.


Step 1: Get on our Last-Minute Swimmers Email List

Fill out the form below to get on our email list. All fields are required. 

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If you check "New Client" below, you MUST follow the instructions in Step 2 below after completing and submitting this form. You cannot participate in Last-Minute Swimmers if you do not have a profile in our Mindbody database.

Step 2: Create an Account in our Mindbody Database

You will not be able to swim with us until you have a profile in our Mindbody database. If you are a current client, you already have a profile so you can skip this step. If you are a past client, be sure to log in to Mindbody and double check that your billing information is accurate and up to date. 

Instructions for creating an account are as follows:

1. If you are a new client, go here to create a profile. *PLEASE NOTE: YOU CANNOT REGISTER THROUGH THE MINDBODY APP. YOU MUST DO IT THROUGH THE WEBSITE.* If you are trying to register on a phone or tablet and are prompted to download the app, skip this step by hitting the X button in the top right of the screen. 

2. Parents should create a profile for themselves and add their child or children under the Family Members portion of the registration page. Scroll down and hit Create Account at the bottom right. 

3. Once the page refreshes and saves, add your Billing Information to your account profile. THIS IS REQUIRED TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS PROGRAM. Please note you will not be charged until you book a lesson.  

Email with any questions or registration issues.