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sweat + splash outdoors!

Fitness Alive is bringing the pool party to Riva Health + Wellness on Thursday evenings ALL summer long! We'll be putting on three three-week sessions of our Sweat + Splash Pool Series throughout the summer months.

We like to switch it up around here, so each three-week session will feature three types of pool workouts, each one a total blast. You can see the dates and descriptions for each workout below:

Class 1: Sweat + Splash
This is not your grandma's water aerobics class, people! Get ready for the best workout of your week with Best of Philly-named trainer Holly Waters, who will keep you moving, laughing and sweating in this high-energy aquatic boot camp. All experience levels welcome.

Class 2: Paddle + Splash
For this week's class, we'll be teaming up with our friends from Aqua Vida for a splash-filled pool circuit workout, bouncing from station to station and using the water's resistance to tone up, with one station giving you a killer mini floating HIIT workout on Aqua Vida's paddleboards. Yep: You'll get your butt kicked by Holly's pool antics and Aqua Vida's balance-challenging moves, all in one session! All experience levels welcome.

Class 3: Punch + Splash
This combo class will be unlike any other pool workout you've experienced: Led by Holly Waters, folks will bounce from the pool to the punching bags, getting seriously sweaty in both arenas. You'll leave feeling sweaty, strong and stoked for the next class. All experience levels welcome.

Class Dates

Splash + Sweat Pool Series: Session 1
June 14, 21 + 28 @ 6pm | Sign up here!

Splash + Sweat Pool Series: Session 2
July 12, 19 + 26 @ 6pm | Sign up here!

Splash + Sweat Pool Series: Session 3
August 2, 9 + 16 @ 6pm | Sign up here!


Outdoor Pool at Riva Health + Wellness, 1 Brown Street, Northern Liberties