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Personal Training

Fitness Alive personal trainers provide dry land and land-and-water sessions tailored to you. Meet our trainers below!

Holly Waters

Forget everything you think you know about going to the gym: the endless hours running on the treadmill; the aimless, fruitless weight-lifting; the overcrowded spin classes. Personal training sessions with Holly Waters are always fresh, fun and exciting. Part fitness expert, part cheerleader, Holly will leave you feeling strong, accomplished and excited to sweat again. At your initial session, you'll work with Holly to set realistic goals that will guide your training and keep you focused — whether you're training for your first marathon or striving to fit in your old pair of jeans. Then, you'll watch your body and attitude transform as Holly works to help you achieve your wildest fitness dreams. Holly is happy to offer one-on-one sessions or small-group sessions with you and up to three friends.

Tracy Simmons

Tracy is an ACE certified personal trainer in Philly, spending her days all over the city to see clients in their home or gym. She has a BS in psychology, an MS in criminal justice, and after almost a decade as a social worker, Tracy decided her passion for helping people and love of fitness were the perfect fit to begin a career as a personal trainer. As a social worker, Tracy says, the most important thing is to meet the client where they are – and that is no different in training. Every client is different, so putting together an individualized plan on how to help clients reach their goals, get excited about fitness and continue a healthy lifestyle is Tracy’s favorite part of the job!

Louis Remolde

Louis was born and raised In Philadelphia, and became a Certified Personal Trainer 2016. You may know him from his popular class, WERRRK, which uses resistance bands, body weight, kettlebells and more to sculpt the entire body and keep the heart rate up. Louis decided to make a serious commitment to fitness and wellness as he approached age 40. He knew he needed to change his lifestyle, and he has been fortunate to have an amazing support group to do exactly that. Louis believes fitness should never be a chore. The goal is to get it done properly and enjoy the end results, living your life better than the day before.